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Real Fruit Smoothies are a Delicious Way to Pack in Nutrients

Real Fruit Smoothies are a Delicious Way to Pack in Nutrients

Real Fruit Smoothies are a Quick and Healthy Choice


Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is an important part of meeting nutritional dietary needs. When time is short and we’re busy with hectic schedules, finding time to eat properly can be a challenge. In this scenario, people are incorporating the convenience of a smoothie into their daily routines. Whether it’s a quick breakfast choice, lunch on the go, or a dessert replacement, smoothies are a terrific option. However, especially when used as a meal replacement, it’s important that the ingredients are healthy and wholesome. Using real fruit in smoothies is a good place to start.


Starting With the Right Juice


Terrific, tasty smoothies often start with fruit juices. Keep in mind that fruit juices, concentrates, fruit smoothie mixes and blends are not all the same. Often fruity drinks are promoted as a healthy choice when they are full of processed sugar & artificial ingredients.  A quick glance at the list of ingredients on the back of the bottle/package will tell you which brands to avoid. It’s easy to get fixating on buying the fruit juice, but not realizing that you’re doing more damage than good when intaking the smoothie. Hence, the key is to stick with a real fruit smoothie mix that’s stripped of all the junk. In addition, genetically modified fruits (GMO) are used. As the health and environmental impacts of GMOs have not been proven over time, there’s becoming more and more data of how disruptive it is to the human body. Be sure to check and see if the product is certified GMO free. Companies and brands that offer the real fruit smoothie mix with NON-GMO ingredients are the way to go. Also, if the product is offered in a plastic bottle, be sure to check and make sure it’s not made with BPA (bisphenol A). In this instance, resin from the plastic can seep into the food and fruit.


Some varieties of fruit juices are mixed to maximize both their taste and nutritional impact. However, it’s very rare that a company stresses the utmost health and integrates 100% real fruit smoothie mix. Smartfruitis that company! NON-GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher & Vegan Certified. Each flavor offers particular boosts like Anti-oxidants, Omega 3’s, Super-fruits, Vitamin B’s & C’s, etc.


Making Real Fruit Smoothies


The basics of a smoothie recipe is easy. Pour your favorite juice or concentrate into a blender, add water & ice, and blend. You can get very creative and throw in "add-ons” such as fresh bananas, Smartfruit Peanut Butter, granola, avocado, and yogurt. For those in need of veggies, you can always throw in nutrient rich spinach, kale, and broccoli sprouts. And for added fiber and essential fatty acids, be sure to use chia, flaxseeds, or hempseed into the smoothie. All these "Add-ons” are healthy and important to living that super healthy lifestyle you're looking for, while on the go! These extras help you increase flavor, get the desired consistency and raise the nutritional daily values. Now the goal is to use a real fruit smoothie mix as a meal replacement and we’d say you won the day!!

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